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150 plus years of combined food service experience allows us to structure and write FoodCo in a “food service” language.

Many food services use a variety of applications - or worse, a combination of applications and manual methods - to gather information. Spreadsheets, word processing documents, cash register receipts, sales reports, order forms, product lists, liquor order guides and more: it is impossible to efficiently and accurately organize your business’ operations and accounting with so many different bases to cover. If you've been using such a system, your hard work and determination have gotten you this far - but FoodCo is here to help you reach the next level!

FoodCo is designed from the ground up to successfully handle all aspects of food service operations. Rather than being a POS with other features tacked on, it is a full featured suite of highly effective and efficient programs. Our latest version, FoodCo 7, has been upgraded and streamlined to be in a class by itself. 150 plus years of combined food service experience allows us to structure and write FoodCo in a “food service” language, making the transition to using the program a breeze! This experience has allowed us to develop our program and incorporate all the features our customers need while being incredibly intuitive and user friendly.


Food Cost Accounting

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Our food cost accounting feature allows you to build recipes in a natural way that cooks and employees understand, but at the same time determines the true cost of your recipes.

Inventory Control

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FoodCo’s core component, this allows you to build a database that tracks all of your items. Capabilities such as choosing multiple units of measurement and the ability to compare vendor prices by unit are a few of the unique features included due to our singular understanding of the food service industry’s needs.

Menu Planning

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Operations that schedule production and utilize a rotating menu cycle require careful planning to ensure necessary ingredients are in stock, fresh and prepped for the correct days and times.

Warehouse Operation

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This allows you track all items entering and leaving your inventory as well as provide reports and invoices. Imperative for your own records and bookkeeping, it also provides accountability for your various clients and accounts.

Production Management

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FoodCo’s customizability allows you to structure the program to match the way you do (or would like to do) your business.

In-Depth Reporting

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The import/export function allows you to import invoices or vouchers and export information to any
additional systems you may have, eliminating a tremendous amount of data entry.