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What can FoodCo Do for Your Restaurant or Bar?

To keep your restaurant running like a well-oiled machine, you need similarly slick software to go with it. Look no further than FoodCo. Our software handles all aspects of restaurant and bar management processes, leaving you and your team free to concentrate on delivering top-quality service and cuisine to your customers.

Maybe you want to quickly access an inventory report, or keep track of the movement of your stock between locations? Perhaps you need to compare prices between two suppliers to ensure your business' profits are the best they can be. Our software is packed with features that can help you achieve all of this and more. We recognize that the needs of each restaurant or bar are different, and so our software is fully customizable. We don’t want to give you some off-the-shelf service that will work for some and not for others; we want to provide you with software that is tailored specifically to the needs of your business.

What’s more, the security features of our software ensure peace of mind. If there’s a better feeling than knowing that all your sensitive data will be stored safely until you need it, we haven’t felt it yet! The software can also be fully integrated with existing systems, eliminating the cost and stress associated with overhauling your business. It wasn’t your love of data-entry tasks that led you into the restaurant business, so let FoodCo handle all the tedious inventory calculations while you concentrate on your true passion; the food!

Foodco makes is easy to achieve:

  • Extensive and well maintained physical inventories
  • Up-to-date price comparisons between suppliers
  • Increased order volumes and levels of service
  • Easy ordering with purchase orders
  • Cost-effective menu pricing and boosted profits
  • Water-tight plans for all those “what if…” scenarios
  • High levels of production efficiency
  • A neat and tidy accounting system
  • A clear and trackable audit trail for your accounting team

Foodco also seamlessly integrates with:

  • Point of sale (POS) cash register systems
  • Supplier and vendor systems
  • Accounts payable and accounts receivable systems
  • PDA hand-held devices
  • Nutrition analysis software
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“What If…” Projections
Road testing a new idea for your restaurant? Use the FoodCo scaling capabilities to develop a full cost-plan. Our software’s smart features have been shown to reduce food costs by up to 6%, which is great news for you and your customers. Restaurants thrive on innovation; FoodCo can give you the confidence and resources to make that innovation a reality.
If you’re serious about taking your business profits to the next level and learning more about the tools FoodCo Software provides, sign up for a FREE Evaluation by clicking the link below.