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Production Management

Monitor your production process and ensure smooth running of your business

It’s a fact passed down from generation to generation of business owners; optimize your production and you optimize your profit. But just how do you do this? Well, FoodCo’s food production management software is a great way to achieve this goal.

Our software includes a multitude of features, each one carefully designed to provide the most intuitive and comprehensive production management service to your company. Whether you want to monitor your meal production levels, analyze your production methods, or plan for future projects, FoodCo makes it possible.

Recipe Scaling

It’s a great feeling when you hit upon that perfect recipe, that wonderful dish that you feel sure will become a cornerstone of your business. The problem is, hitting on the perfect set of ingredients is not enough; now you need to figure out how to produce that dish in a cost-effective manner. But don’t shed any tears just yet. FoodCo’s powerful recipe scaling tool allows you to reliably cost the whole production process – from “eureka-moment” to the table.

Production Tracking

Ahh, shrinkage; the restaurateur’s old adversary. As your business grows, so does the potential for shrinkage. This why FoodCo has developed software to be as comprehensive as possible, enabling you, the business owner, to track your entire production process, monitor its progress and identify where changes can be made. FoodCo gives you an excellent vantage point from which to oversee the running of your business.

Sales Analysis

So you’ve lovingly crafted your new recipe, tracked its production and now it’s ready to hit the table. Then what? Well, you need to check on how your new dish is performing in the marketplace. FoodCo provides comprehensive data for each of your products, allowing you to compare the performance of your menu items, gauge cost-to-profit ratios and assess whether this dish has what it takes to join your regular menu.

Increased Production Efficiency
Efficient production is critical to healthy profits. Using FoodCo can help you to find which parts of the production process are letting you down, and make the changes that will boost efficiency.