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Everything you need to plan great menus

Just like they told you in school; “plan, plan, always plan”. It was boring then and it’s boring now, so let FoodCo take the pain out of the process. FoodCo loves planning; in fact, we love it so much that we developed the best menu-planning software on the market, just for you!

Our software covers every aspect of the planning process, making sure that you are able to provide your customers with great quality food at the best possible price. Think of FoodCo as your friend that loves doing all the tricky sums and planning work, leaving you to concentrate your creative powers on making a menu that your customers will love.

Automatic Calculations

A great menu is a thing of beauty, but getting bogged down in complex calculations does nothing for your creativity. Fortunately, our software can calculate ingredient requirements, item prices and even recommend necessary stock orders automatically, providing you with quick and accurate projections for overall cost and volume.


FoodCo is as flexible as you need it to be. Need to scale up your menu to meet increased demand? No problem. Need to match up different accompanying recipes in the system? Sure thing. Want to upload an existing menu template to build your new menu? FoodCo’s got it covered.

Menu Engineering Reports

In order to flourish, your business needs to keep creating top-quality menus and providing great service to your customers. FoodCo’s wealth of reporting options can help with this, not least our comprehensive menu engineering matrix. This matrix allows ingredients to be added to a report, along with data relating to volume, pack size, stock quantity, order quantity, preparation method and more, to give your staff all the information they need to make your next menu a work of culinary art. When you’re working in an industry in which items are ordered in liters and pounds and then used in tablespoons and fluid ounces, this level of data-diversification is vital!

Let your team play to its strengths
You don’t want your well-trained team spending valuable time working on stock calculations and projections; you want them creating fabulous dishes and driving innovation. Let FoodCo handle the sums and release up to 20 working hours that your staff can use to create incredible menus for your customers.