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Bring all your data together to boost efficiency and lead to a happy, healthy and profitable business

Great food requires great ingredients, and great ingredients require a well-stocked and expertly managed inventory. This is exactly what FoodCo provides. Our smart inventory control software gives you the power to monitor your inventory, compare prices and identify what products and ingredients you are going to need more of. A clear inventory that consistently does the business for your restaurant is right within your grasp!

It’s not just the quality of your food that will sky-rocket, your profits will too. FoodCo features price comparison services and menu scaling which have been proven to reduce costs and drive profit. Users report a profit increase of between 2% and 6%, resulting in a handy bit of growth for businesses. Want to get the jump on the competition? Look no further than FoodCo.

Comprehensive Inventory Database

Just like any TV detective show will till you; it’s all about the little details. This is why we’ve gone through previous editions of our software with fine-tooth combs, making the latest edition our most detailed and powerful to-date. However you want to build your database, it's up to you. Whether you want to build your database on tracked items, general ledger categories or method of use, you can. The possibilities really are endless!

Price Comparison

No matter how smoothly your business is running, there’s always somewhere you can reduce costs; you just need to know where to look. FoodCo’s software makes this detective work easy with our handy price comparison feature. Choose one item in your inventory, and then compare the prices of different suppliers to find out which stock list offers the best deal. This is a quick and easy way to increase your profits.

Full Integration

Even if your inventory is the best it can be, it can’t work in isolation! A top-quality inventory is simply a cog in the machine of your business; an important cog, but still just a cog. To get the best out of it, it needs to work seamlessly with other areas of your business, which is why FoodCo is fully integrated, so you can transfer data to your accounts team, conduct cost projections for future menus or print an inventory report with only a few clicks. Just think of the working hours you’re going to save!

Your Business, Working in Harmony
To be a success in the food service industry, you need to ensure that all aspects of your business are pulling in the same direction. FoodCo helps you to achieve this harmony by making all your data accessible via one, convenient piece of software. This level of integration will have a dramatic effect on your efficiency and profits.