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Boost efficiency and reduce costs

What can FoodCo Do for Institutional Feeding?

All institutions need top-quality food service providers to keep them ticking. FoodCo is designed to give culinary champions a helping hand in their quest to deliver great food to students, hospital patients, staff, elderly, charity workers and millions of others the world over.

Providing food on this kind of scale requires big orders! Over paying by a few cents per item can translate into major costs for your business. And keeping track of supplier prices is an arduous task.  With FoodCo handy price comparison feature it is easy. No need to waste time and effort trawling through quotes and prices from different suppliers; simply let FoodCo find you the best ingredients at the best prices and watch your profit margins grow!

Providing quality food services to your clients you need a well-managed inventory of ingredients. But warehouse space is limited and you need to make that space work for you. FoodCo’s inventory management system works seamlessly with your stock orders to ensure that your warehouse is operating at maximum efficiency. By ordering in replenishments shortly before they are needed, FoodCo can reduce your inventory-on-hand by up to 30%.

We understand the logistics of such an important and complex operation, and our software is optimized to provide your business with maximum efficiency, controlled costs and consistently high-quality products. With FoodCo your costs could fall by 6% and release up to 20 hours that your staff can spend on other areas of your business.

FoodCo helps you achieve:

  • Accurate costing for future menu projects
  • An all-encompassing system that all your staff can use
  • Inventory-on-hand reduction
  • Boosted profits and reduced costs
  • Clear vendor price comparison data
  • Easily accessible sales reports
  • A well-managed inventory
  • Efficient stock orders

FoodCo also seamlessly integrates with:

  • Your existing data systems
  • Your accounting team’s systems
  • Your stockroom handheld devices
  • Your point of sale and cash register systems
  • Incoming stock data
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Achieve thorough cost-plans for big projects
Whenever you take on a new project or make a change to your menu, you need to know exactly how much it’s going to cost you. Don’t resort to guesswork; instead, rely on FoodCo to formulate cost-plans and expenditure projections. Your business just got future-proofed.
If you’re serious about taking your business profits to the next level and learning more about the tools FoodCo Software provides, sign up for a FREE Evaluation by clicking the link below.