Industries Served

Industries Served

By taking all possible requirements into consideration, FoodCo is a great fit for any food service organization.

You've seen it before - a food service program that claims to 'do it all' turns out to be lacking the capabilities you require. Not so with FoodCo!

FoodCo’s extensive capabilities cover the requirements that are common to all food service operations. These include:

•  Physical inventories
•  Vendor product price comparison (by unit cost)
•  Par levels and order frequencies
•  Ordering with Purchase Orders
•  Menu costing and suggestive selling
•  Hypothetical scenarios
•  Production, meal management and usage amounts
•  Purchase validation with automatic general ledger distribution for all debit and credit transactions
•  Audit trail tracking for product movement by GL, between locations

We understand that a business in one industry has different demands than those in another. Our dynamic and flexible design allows it to be used effectively in many different industries, performing all necessary tasks at a premium level.

Restaurant & Bar

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FoodCo is widely used in the restaurant industry. After decades of experience, we have been proven to be efficient and effective in all types of restaurants including Fine Dining, Diners, Fast Food, Bars and Night Clubs.

Catering & Hospitality

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The hospitality sector demands food service software that is flexible and easily handles large amounts of information. FoodCo is the go-to choice for hospitality, Wedding Catering, Corporate Catering, Hotels, Resorts and Casinos.

Institutional Feeding

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The feeding requirements in institutions are some of the most challenging in food service. The logistics of feeding large numbers of people simultaneously while ensuring variety and quality standards are quite the challenge. FoodCo has proven itself not just equal to the task, but able to improve operations and create savings for institutions like Schools, Correctional Facilities, Hospitals, Assisted Living Centers, Shelters and more.

Food Service Management

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The widespread use of our software in food service management is a testament to FoodCo’s effectiveness and versatility. FoodCo maximizes efficiency and profits while minimizing. Our software is used by our clients to streamline operations and save money.