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In-depth Reporting

All your data in the palm of your hand

Storing vast amounts of data is useless if you can’t access it, which is why FoodCo has developed powerful reporting features to work alongside our data-processing software, putting all that data right at your fingertips.

Need to view inventory and ingredient details for your upcoming menu promotions? Sure thing; FoodCo makes this kind of reporting simple. Need to access HACCP instructions for your inventory items? Even this kind of in-depth reporting is a breeze for FoodCo. What’s more, FoodCo’s softwarecan process these commands quickly and with minimal human-input so valuable working hours can be spent elsewhere.

Customizable Calculations

Other food service software might give you a list of calculations to choose from, and anything beyond that you must do yourself. FoodCo doesn’t work like that. We understand just how much data you need to process, and so our exhaustively detailed inventory service has customizable categories that allow you to record all the information you need about your products and ingredients, which can then be calculated for your accounts team. Whether you want use last case cost or weighted average for your calculations, FoodCo can handle the sums for you.

Custom Worksheet Presets

We’re all about efficiency, and we know that you are too. Our custom worksheets allow your staff to quickly and efficiently check your inventory and identify what needs to be done. Such a speedy flow of information takes the hassle out of order purchase authorization, inventory monitoring and waste tracking, leading to a happier and more productive workforce.


As a food service provider, you need to keep your eyes on the ball at all times. Vendor prices can increase or decrease, packing volumes can change and product ingredients can alter, skewing your carefully maintained inventory data. FoodCo’s reconciliation process is designed to keep track of all changes to ensure neat and tidy reporting. If a change occurs, the system will alert you, making sure that you always keep on top of what’s going on. You can’t put a price on this sort of peace of mind.

Up-to-the-Minute Knowledge of Inventory Status
You have a monthly order with a supplier, but suddenly you find the pack-sizes have changed while the price has stayed the same. Are you getting the same bang for your buck? FoodCo’s reporting system will alert you to any changes in your inventory, ensuring that you are always getting a fairdeal. Order discrepancies can cause havoc for a food service provider, so let FoodCo eliminate the risk.