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A streamlined business is a successful business

As a food service provider, tracking sales and expenditures is tough but necessary, and as your business grows it only gets tougher! Fortunately, FoodCo’s Food Cost Accounting software is on hand to take the pain out of the process, leading to efficient business and accounting practices, and an ever-growing number of satisfied customers.

Intuitive Controls

If running a restaurant is like a juggling act, you can think of FoodCo as your automated system, keeping all aspects of your business working in harmony. This is where the FoodCo software really comes into its own. Simply input new data into the system and then let FoodCo do its magic, keeping track of your costs and expenditures, leaving you free to put your skills to good use in other areas of your business.

Full Integration

The whole point of our software is to make accounting simpler, not more complex. This is why we’ve made FoodCo fully compatible with many accounting systems, allowing easy migration of data and a seamless transition to FoodCo. Once set up, FoodCo will automatically add replenished stock to your inventory and assign it to a category in your general ledger. Creating an audit trail for your accounting team couldn’t be simpler.

Import/Export Component

FoodCo is packed with labor-saving features, but they don’t get much more innovative than the import/export component. This feature transfers order data to the accounts payable and receivable of the general ledger, making the whole process refreshingly efficient. Simply log the order in and identify which products were short-stocked or missing; FoodCo’s powerful software will then remove these items and quantities from the transaction and submit a report to the accounts team. Updating your business’ accounts just got a whole lot less stressful!

Manage your time more efficiently with our labor-saving software
How would you feel if you suddenly had an extra 20 working hours per week to develop your business? Pretty happy, right? Well, this is what FoodCo can give you. We specialize in labor-saving software that can automatically update your inventory and company accounts without endless rounds of arduous data-entry. Now all you need worry about is what to do with all that extra time!