What does FoodCo do?

FoodCo organizes and structures your food service business, streamlines processes and as a result maximizes the efficiency of your operation. The result? Reduced costs and maximized profits for you!

As a complete "back-office" management program used by many operations to manage food service operations, we allow you to control and manage all aspects of your food service responsibilities in a user-friendly environment designed specifically for the food service industry.

 How difficult is FoodCo to implement?

With our representatives there to support you every step of the way, companies instituting FoodCo quickly find themselves comfortably using the software to control their operations far more efficiently than before. Installation is completed in just minutes through our internet support center, and training documentation allows you to personalize your initial setup to your business. The FoodCo manual’s concise, step-by-step instruction manual helps you and your employees become accustomed to each task, and our helpful trainers are just a call away!

 Will FoodCo work for my business?

You bet! FoodCo has been designed to work with food service organizations of all types, sizes and stage of development. Just some of the businesses we successfully serve include:

•  Higher Education
•  K-12, School Lunch
•  Hospitals/Healthcare
•  Elderly Feeding
•  Assisted Living
•  Business and Industry
•  Cafeterias
•  Corrections
•  Homeless Shelters
•  Non Profits

•  Full Service
•  Fine Dining
•  Family Diner
•  Quick Service
•  Food Courts
•  Fast Food
•  Bars/Night Clubs

•  Hotels
•  Motels
•  Country Clubs
•  Resorts
•  Catering
•  Banquets
•  Casinos

• Vending
• Meals on Wheels
• Cook Chill
• Manufacturing
• Distribution Warehouses

   Why should I choose FoodCo?

Because FoodCo will work for you! Through its advanced design, ease of use and effectiveness, FoodCo has been proven to increase profits by up to 10%, reduce inventory as much as 30% and result in managers and FOH staff gaining hours a week in time that can now be focussed on customer satisfaction. FoodCo’s operation and the information it generates are designed to be easily understood and as useful as possible to food service professionals - cooks, servers, manager or otherwise, you and your employees will find FoodCo a joy to use.

 Can I use FoodCo with any existing software I may have?

Absolutely. Information such as inventory data can easily be imported from an existing inventory program - eliminating manual entry and greatly reducing the time spent building your database. Similarly, vouchers, invoices, etc., can be exported to accounting, tax and other external programs as necessary.