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Experiencing any of these issues?

  • I work 60-80 hrs a week and I’m still not making money.
  • My cost of goods percentage can vary by 5 to 7 points per month and I have no idea why.
  • I stopped counting inventory every week. It takes too long and no one wants to do it. Besides, it isn't that big a deal and my accountant eventually gets me my numbers.
  • Plate costs, who has time to calculate that? We've been profitable so why worry about that?
  • I typically just buy everything from the same vendor. They are all comparable in price so it really won't make much difference. 
  • A scale a the back door. Why bother with that? And a purchase order, that’s something only big companies do. I trust my vendors.
  • I never really sat down and thought about my shrinkage percentage. Sure I'm aware of over-portioning, theft and some of the other contributors to shrinkage but when you tell me it is likely between 6% and 15% of my volume I really have a hard time believing that.
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