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With thousands of installations over the last 30 years, Foodco has become a top choice for Food Service professionals across the nation.

FoodCo’s clients span the gamut of industries. These industries each have unique and varying degrees of needs in their food service operations. We've designed FoodCo with this in mind. See how our robust and highly flexible suite of programs have brought success and increased profits to the many challenges these clients have faced!

Industry: Catering

Company: Grand Oaks Country Club – Grand Oaks Country Club is driven by its core values of: accommodating service, exceptional quality and true professionalism. So when they needed food costing software to help realize these values and better manage their catering facilities, FoodCo was the perfect choice. Read how FoodCo was the answer to a few of their operations challenges.

Problem 1: It is very difficult to compare pricing from different vendors due to varying case and pack sizes and different brands. As the number of menu items increases, the comparison becomes too time consuming and unmanageable using traditional methods.

Solution: The proper use of Foodco and its built in features allows these situations to be handled seamlessly while at the same time putting the onus on the vendors you buy from, rather than your employees.

The result has saved up to 2 % of foodcost over the years. It forces vendors to stay honest. You do the math, for every $1,000,000 of sales saves you $20,000. While many solutions, say they can do these types of things, the experts at Foodco make you get it done. The only thing necessary is a commitment to results.

Problem 2:  Prices change to quickly and it’s hard to react to a fast changing market.

Solution:  Utilizing Foodco properly, reaction time to changing pricing and market fluctuations can happen before the damage hits your bottom line. The integration of production, purchasing and menu management in one connected system allows you to see the problems immediately.

The result allows sales teams to quickly alter their approach and suggestively sell the items of choice.

Problem 3:  How do you make a recipe when it is received in pounds, but utilized in a recipe as fluid ounces?

Solution:  FoodCo solves this problem which allows your chefs to focus on the quality, rather than focus on explaining every minor detail necessary to operate a highly functioning food service facility.

Results:  Unquantifiable: Any elimination of an unsatisfied customer should be counted as a business savior.

Problem 4:  How do you produce catering events when the customer counts are different for the various menu items served?

Solution:  Do this on the fly while seeing the up to the second revised production reports and costing. Foodco’s meal planner allows you to integrate all the necessary changes when menus and counts change quickly. The best part though is taking into account the items that you have already put an order in for. You don’t need to keep manual track of what was ordered or what was on hold to order. Let Foodco help you manage it all without any other work-arounds.

Results:  Don’t allow employees to give you excuses for the problems, help them solve them so they can focus on what is necessary, YOUR CUSTOMERS.